This is an old project (2013) that I spotted on the Internet today. The concept came from Pablo de Chaves, a Spanish designer who is specialised in motordesign. I contacted Pablo because I was curious about the status of this project. And I really wanted this design to show in my posts of Electric Motorcycles News.

Pablo told me that he developed this prototype in 2012-2013 as a personal project. It was started as a hobby to learn more about electric motorcycles, batteries and controllers. It helped him to accelerate the design process and the prototype stage. He even learned how to make “professional” studio photos as you can see at the pictures in the article.

Because he did everything by himself in his free time (the design, fabrication and assembly), it became a long journey to reach a totally assembled and working prototype. He worked a year and a half on the DCH1 project.

The bike is a completely original design and Pablo hasn’t used any bike as a starting point or any chassis parts from other motorcycles (apart from brake callipers, rims, fork and shock absorber). The electrical system on the bike was one of the toughest things to resolve … But he admitted that after this project both electronics and everything related to light electric vehicles or batteries, caught his attention.

He sold the bike in 2014 and many people don’t know much about this project. So he was happy to hear that we shared it here on EMN. Pablo is a mechanical engineer and industrial designer specialised in automotive design. EMN keeps following this designer!

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Guy Salens

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