Press release (Business Wire) |Birmingham, Alabama | For the first time in over 100 years, a new Curtiss Motorcycle is hitting the streets. Sharing a name with its famous World War II fighter plane ancestor, the new Warhawk pays homage to the man who invented the first American V-Twin motorcycle – Glenn Curtiss. The announcement marks the first product release since Confederate Motors rebranded to Curtiss Motorcycle earlier this year.

Electric Motorcycles News - Curtiss Motorcycles

2018 Curtiss Warhawk Motorcycle (Photo: Business Wire)

Electric Motorcycles News - Curtiss Motorcycles

Photo: Curtiss Motorcycle C°

We’ve spent the past 27 years working to optimize and perfect Mr. Curtiss’s V-Twin invention,” explained Curtiss CEO Matt Chambers. “Everything we know is built into this machine. Because the Warhawk is based on our acclaimed P51 Fighter, the engine, powertrain, and chassis are as solid as a bank vault. But now, we’ve cranked it to 11. There are no more rabbits we can pull out of the proverbial hat. There’s simply no way to make a more explosive hot-rod American V-twin than the Curtiss Warhawk.

In addition to being the first Curtiss Motorcycle released in over a century, the announcement also marks the last motorcycle of its kind that the company will produce as it transitions from internal combustion to electric propulsion.

Electric Motorcycles News - Curtiss Motorcycles

Teaser rendering of upcoming electric Curtiss Motorcycle (Photo: Business Wire)

Electric Motorcycles News - Curtiss Motorcycles

Glenn Hammond Curtiss | May 21, 1878 – June 23, 1930

“The American V-twin is undoubtedly the most iconic and revered powertrain in motorcycle history. As we prepare to lead an all-new golden age of electrified motorcycles, this Curtiss Warhawk represents the best and final chapter in American V-Twin power and refinement. We’re building a handful of these Warhawks in honor of Mr. Curtiss and as a bequeathment from the brand of yesterday to the brand of tomorrow.”

Only 35 Curtiss Warhawks are scheduled to be crafted, with production beginning today. MSRP is $105,000 USD. For additional details and specifications, visit

Based in Birmingham, Alabama, Curtiss Motorcycle Company is on a mission to lead an all-new golden age of sustainable motorcycles by designing and crafting the world’s best and finest electric motorcycles.

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