BREKR team: “The world is changing, even as you read this. Just like you, we put our shoulders under it and do all the most efforts where it is needed. Together we tackle the challenges of today and we work on a bright future. We are still more determined to make mobility cleaner. With a product that makes you happy.”

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What are they working on? What is the influence of the coronavirus?

Tooling is made
Making the tools to produce parts and assemble the moped are called tooling. This process is in full swing and much of it has been completed.

Homologation and type approval
Together with the RDW and the official inspection institutes, Brekr is in the final stage of approval. The RDW and other inspection organisations now work with fewer people at the same time, which causes some delay. Most tests have now been completed, a few more to go.

BREKR | Electric Motorcycles News

Supply of materials
Brekr sources its parts from as few countries as possible (only 5) for efficiency and quality. Some suppliers suffer from the corona virus. In Germany, Taiwan, the Netherlands and even China, production is more or less on schedule and the influence is limited. Their suppliers from Italy will deliver according to an adjusted schedule.

Coronavirus not yet a real bummer
“The impact of the development of the virus is difficult to predict, so we have to keep going, but so far, so good. The initial production start in April will be suspended for 4 to 6 weeks.” according to the team.

BREKR | Electric Motorcycles News

Many parts of the Brekr Model B are developed together with specialized suppliers. Where samples and 3D prints were previously used to test the design and operation, the team now use more and more parts from molds. Jasper and Daniel closely monitor that process. Only when the parts are perfect, they are released for production.

BREKR | Electric Motorcycles News

Customers indicated that they missed a bright colour for the Model B. And we listen to the feedback from our customers. They have added some new colours in the configurator.

Guy Salens

Guy Salens (motorcycle enthousiast): I want to show the world an overview of existing electric motorcycles and future projects. Because it's time.