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Electric Motorcycles News is a new informational website about electric motorcycles. It’s a Belgian initiative to present a realistic overview of existing electric motorcycles today and some future projects.

“I was fascinated to discover so many exciting projects when I started preparing the website,” says Guy Salens, coordinator. “There are so many opportunities for investors, engineers and designers. As well as initiatives from existing brands, there are also new companies entering the market. We need to encourage this diversity.”

Electric Motorcycles News aims to become the industry’s e-community, packed with information, news, hints and tips about electric motorcycles. And, while the website relies on press releases today, the plan is to establish an e-test team.

The website will also feature our wall of fame, or e-people, highlighting the electric motorcycle industry’s ambassadors. Who knows, maybe this is the start of a future e-award.

Unfortunately, many bikers have yet to be convinced about how much fun electric motorcycles can be. Reasons for this include not roaring, smelling or shaking like the bikes they’re used to, the lack of range or the weird appearance of some bikes. But electric motorcycles can be thrilling, fast and liberating.

“I am not a journalist or a motor-connoisseur,” explains Guy. “Other people have claimed these titles. I am just passionate about motorcycles. And some day, when we run out of fuel we’ll need to be prepared. It’s time. Are you ready?”