Source: press-release CAKE | CAKE announced the launch of CAKE Connect. This mobile app integrates with a brand-new connectivity module on CAKE’s motorbikes to enable various connectivity-based features and remote software updates. All new CAKE bikes come standard with this connectivity feature, while existing models can be retrofitted to include the connectivity module. CAKE Connect is available for iPhone iOS users and will be available starting in April 2021, with additional features launching in early 2022.

The new CAKE Connect app consists of a telematics system with cellular connectivity and cloud infrastructure. It introduces features that include ride parameter customization of the bike’s braking and engine torque modes as well as a theft alarm, GPS tracking, battery status monitoring, ride statistics, and the ability to unlock and lock the bike. The CAKE service team will also be able to issue remote software updates and conduct remote troubleshooting.

Linking the motorbikes to a customer opens up many opportunities for CAKE to enhance the rider experience, which is especially true for our business-to-business clients. They can now connect their vehicle fleet, monitor performance, improve operational efficiency, establish a geofence, and more.

Cake Connect app - THE PACK - Electric Motorcycles News

“Being able to detect, analyze, and service bikes from a distance…it’s like magic,” commented Robin Karlsson, Product Development Manager at CAKE. “Customize riding modes, limit riding territory through geofencing, trace stolen bikes, and check the bike’s status are all basic functionalities with more to come in the next generations of the service.”

Users can expect to see several innovations and releases that will add new digital functionalities and services for CAKE riders in the coming months. One customer segment that will benefit significantly from these updates will be those in the emergency services sector and those who operate a fleet of CAKE’s motorbikes.

Cake Connect app - THE PACK - Electric Motorcycles News

“As we expand the CAKE Connect app, we are first going to release features that target safety, emergency, and rescue as well as business-to-business solutions,” remarked CAKE founder and CEO, Stefan Ytterborn. “This digital safety layer will include various services like crash-detection systems, rescue-search functionalities, live hazard notifications, risk reduction navigation, and more. That brings connectivity to a truly meaningful level.”

Cake Connect app - THE PACK - Electric Motorcycles News

CAKE Connect requires users to have an active subscription to the service. Pricing information and additional product details will be announced in April 2021. Additional in-depth info, walkthrough presentation, and imagery are available at

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