Source: website CAB Motorworks | CAB Motorworks designs, manufactures and engineers high performance electric bikes in the USA. Started by a small team of engineers CAB Motorworks was established and incorporated in 2013 out of a garage located in Huntington Beach California. In 2016 the CAB EAGLE was featured on “Adventure Capitalist” by CNBC, this great opportunity gave them a boost in sales and has helped the company to develop the new 2019 CAB RECON for production.

How would you roll with 320 ft/lbs of torque?

0-50 mph in under 5 seconds The Recon just goes, and then keeps on going. This electric bike is capable of beating just about any car off the line and most to 60 feet, less the Tesla they have it too!

Top Speed Over 60 mph As with the Eagle, the Recon is wound for torque but in this case slightly less so than the Eagle, which provides for a slightly higher top speed of just over 60 mph for most people.

CAM Motorworks | CAB Recon | Electric Motorcycles News
CAM Motorworks | CAB Recon | Electric Motorcycles News

Optimized 20 kW Sine Wave System The Recon, with it’s 20kW power system and Sine Wave controller, it is by far the most powerful electric bike on the planet, hands down. By doubling the power of the Eagle, we were able to develop a system that provided a 20% increase in top speed while simultaneously increasing torque by 100% to a whopping 320 ft-lbs of torque. The Recon receives proprietary next gen heat dissipation processes to allow for that high duty cycle that you expect from a CAB.

CAM Motorworks | CAB Recon | Electric Motorcycles News
CAM Motorworks | CAB Recon | Electric Motorcycles News

RECON Sub-frame and Moto Seat Are designed by CAB and made in the USA. The sub-frame allows for the waterproof controller to be housed outside of the body cavity which increases it ability to shed heat, but more importantly opens up that room to add more batteries. The moto style seat was designed and built by riders for riders, so you get the best fit, form, and function out of the seat.

Ultimate Off Road Capability With 8″ of front tuned suspension and 10″ of rear tuned suspension, there is no terrain that can stop you. This thing will take the hits and keep coming back, no matter if its a gnarly downhill trail or the track, The Recon stays a step ahead.

CAM Motorworks | CAB Recon | Electric Motorcycles News

DOT Motorcycle Wheel and Tires With 19″ wheels and tires up front and the more robust 18″ in the rear, all motorcycle standard and DOT rated, the Recon is ready to tackle any surface. The endure tires with heavy duty tubes make the perfect combination of versatility and durability.

CAM Motorworks | CAB Recon | Electric Motorcycles News

High Power Regenerative Braking System The Recon’s “Regen” as it’s called produces approximately 4kW in power, which makes the physical brakes essentially redundant, The Regen is where you get the majority of your braking force, and if used properly can all but eliminate brake pad wear. In addition to the main source of braking force, the added benefit of Regen is up to 10% of regained energy to go that extra mile.

About CAB Motorworks

CAB Motorworks was established and incorporated in 2013 by Chris Barnes, and is located in Huntington Beach California. Chris is a practicing engineer with a BS in Mechanical Engineering and a MS in Aerospace Engineering both from West Virginia University, and is a life long cycling enthusiast. Spending the majority of his life trying to beat anyone who would race him, whether it was on a gas powered motorcycle or a human/gravity powered mountain bike, Chris loved two wheels. It all came together when he first created his his own do it yourself electric bike out of his beach cruiser, realizing the potential, CAB Motorworks was born.

We specialize in high performance electric conversion kits and custom light electric vehicles. These primarily consist of electric hub and and mid drive motors, high output lithium batteries, high end controllers, and unique vehicle platforms. In addition we have sourced a great selection of support components to complement our performance products, all with the highest level of quality in mind.

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