We mentioned Brutus 2 when we started this website. Today we want to show you the Brutus V9, the only full-size, full-power motorcycle worthy of the name Brutus. This brawny bike boasts performance and acceleration that will make any sports car green with envy. With a strapping battery pack, you’ll power through even the toughest day’s ride.

Their V9 was built to play good cop but it can be your bad boy, too. Two-up seating, foot pegs, and a host of other comfort options make this the ideal motorcycle for touring and chasing down speeders alike.


Motor: 9” DC
Weight: 784lbs or 886lbs
Length: 100.5”
Width: 36.5”
Rake: 27.2°
Wheel Base: 65”
Seat Height: 26.2”

Battery pack
18.8kWh or 33.7kWh
Charge Time – Dependent on charging and battery options

Top Speed: 115mph (Gearing Restricted)
Horsepower: 125 (Motor)
Torque: 277ft lbs (Motor)

Front: 21” x 3.5”
Rear: 16” x 3.5”

Front suspension
58mm Inverted

Rear suspension
Dual Shocks

Front: Single or Twin 32mm 4 Piston Fixed / 11.5” Rotor
Rear: Single 32mm 4 Piston Fixed / 11.5” Rotor

Full HID and LED Lighting


Bell Custom Cycles (BCC) is a family-owned business formed through our love for motorcycles and a common bond all riders share. Early in 2010 Chris started building and fabricating the original Brutus motorcycle after 2 years of development, unveiling it late in February 2011.

The BCC family has expanded and our ties to the motorcycle community have grown strong. Our team has forged bonds that enable us to stay current with the motorcycle industry, both electric and ICE (Internal Combustion Engine), as well as provide fresh, innovative, and award-winning designs year after year.

Our motorcycles are hand made in America, and we carefully select as many american suppliers as possible to insure quality and consistency. We have worked hard to build the Brutus Electric Motorcycle brand and proudly stand behind our entire product line and the products we use. We believe in conservation, recycling, and independence, values that are incorporated into every motorcycle we design and build. Our main goal is to provide an attractive product line as an alternative to the mainstream options now available.


We believe our electric motorcycles are among the best in the world. Our goal is to combine cutting edge design with technology into a very comfortable package whether you ride a cruiser, sport bike, or something in between. With a mind on the aftermarket and custom options, we feel making a Brutus tailored to individual needs will always be part of every design. Together we will make the Brutus Electric motorcycle brand an American Classic for the 21st Century.

Chris Bell started repairing, tuning, and restoring anything with a motor many years ago as a hobby and later on in life a way to relax after his day job. He had a dream and goal to help people become more efficient in the way we use our natural resources. Chris realized the benefits and impact electric vehicles can have on the world stage and continued to develop the Brutus prototype over several years. Along the way he assembled a powerful team of like minded individuals.

Sophon Johnson has been with BCC from the start and has handled promotional and branding duties along with hands-on design and development. His love for motorcycles and the environment keep him motivated to bring fresh ideas to the Brutus brand. His current style cues and skill sets have helped Brutus Electric Motorcycles become recognized the world over.

Source & pictures: Brutus Motorcycle

Guy Salens

Guy Salens (motorcycle enthousiast): I want to show the world an overview of existing electric motorcycles and future projects. Because it's time.