The Netherlands has a new urban electric moped brand. The first model of the new Brekr brand is launched with interest from hundreds of people in the Civon Innovation Center in the Achterhoek. The first model, the Brekr B4000, adds something completely new to the image on the road. An electric moped that connects design, electrical technology and history in this way is new. The nod to the rich motocross history from the Achterhoek completes him.

Source: website Brekr | “We develop and build the Brekr model B because it does not yet exist. That is what drives us. An electric moped that combines history and future into an insane, quirky but also logical design. Recognizable and yet completely new. With a rough edge, nice driving and smart because we use all the techniques of today. An electric moped that will put a smile on your face. Every time you ride it. We have even more ambition for the future and if you ask us it will not end with this model.”

Brekr urban electric moped | Electric Motorcycles News

Brekr Team

After a year of preparation, we officially started the development of Brekr in 2018. We share a passion for electric driving, technology and design. The Brekr team is now growing and we are working with many specialists, experts, enthusiasts and suppliers to perfect Brekr.

Brekr urban electric moped | Electric Motorcycles News
From left to right: Daniel, Niels, Ivo and Jasper

Jasper Hagedoorn
Jasper led the development of all brands at Accell – the world’s largest bicycle manufacturer. He is in charge of technical management at Brekr.

Ivo Roos
Award-winning designer with a passion for travel and snowboarding. Responsible for design.

Niels Willems
Experienced entrepreneur and ignited the Brekr fire with an enthusiastic app message to Jasper. Focus on strategy, brand and commerce.

Daniel ter Braak
Talented and highly critical engineer who is only ready when everything works flawlessly. Takes responsibility for the engineering.

Brekr: inspiration

We owe what Brekr is currently developing and making to doers, thinkers and heroes. So many beautiful things have been designed and so many smart solutions have been devised. We build the Brekr model B on that foundation.

Brekr is a new Dutch brand based in the Achterhoek, an area with many motorcycle enthusiasts and a rich motocross history. The name Brekr is derived from the Achterhoek “brekken”. A ‘brekker” loves a party, music, likes to have some fun and has a passion for motorbikes. Brekr is located in the former prison “De Kruisberg” in Doetinchem.

Brekr urban electric moped | Electric Motorcycles News

Brekr design: a look to the future

How do you take the history of motorbikes and mopeds to a new and powerful design? What will change if electricity flows through the veins of the machine instead of gasoline? We have merged the new reality with all the beauty of the past. The result is a beautiful and honest design in which we embrace the future.

Mopeds and scooters are already electric, but still look the same. Technical director Jasper Hagedoorn: “Actually very strange because you no longer need a gas tank. In addition, you want to place the batteries as low as possible for good driving.”

Brekr: strong battery, great reach

The Brekr model B has space for two removable batteries. A battery has a capacity of 1.9 kWh with which you drive 50 to 80 km. Or 100 to 160 km with two batteries. Due to its unique aluminum frame, the Brekr is ten to thirty kilograms lighter than an average scooter, so your range increases.

Brekr urban electric moped | Electric Motorcycles News

The health of your battery is monitored by an advanced battery management system (BMS). The BMS intervenes immediately for six causes that can damage your battery. Protection against overcharging, maximum charging of your batteries shortens the lifespan. The system prevents wear and tear on your battery. Protection against over-discharge, discharging batteries up to 0 percent is harmful for your battery and therefore does not allow the system. Short circuit protection, short circuit are thus avoided. Protection against wrong voltage. If the voltage is not uniform or wrong, the system will intervene. The system intervenes at a high temperature. Equalization of the cells, the system ensures that all cells deliver the same output for optimum service life and performance.

Brekr urban electric moped | Electric Motorcycles News
Brekr urban electric moped | Electric Motorcycles News

Optimal driving experience

  • Large wheels: large wheels remove irregularities easier than small wheels and provide more comfort.
  • Low center of gravity: the battery is low in the moped, so you experience more control.
  • Lightweight aluminium frame: no steel frame but a lightweight and strong aluminum frame. This makes it easier to maneuver.
  • Clipping with your knees: just like with a motorcycle or horse, you experience more control and you also steer with your body.
  • Front and rear suspension: a suspension fork and a unique rear suspension system damp the unevenness in the road surface.
  • Sound to be seen: fellow road users hear you coming so that you are also seen. Safer and fun.

Commercial Director Niels Willems: “The Brekr makes an ‘electrified sound’ so that other road users can hear you and therefore see you. The sound is artificially generated and takes into account the speed and position of the throttle.”

Brekr urban electric moped | Electric Motorcycles News

Price and delivery time

Brekr is the first to launch the powerful B4000, which will be delivered to the first customers in the spring of 2020. The price is 4,199 euros including a strong 1.9 kWh battery. Brekr offers the B4000 upon introduction for 3,899 euros. The Brekr B4000 is initially available in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. More countries are expected to be added. The Brekr B4000 can only be ordered online via Electric mopeds are low in maintenance, service is provided by Brekr service partners on site.

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