Brave Motors was founded with the goal to revolutionize the mobility industry by creating high-performance, fully-customizable and connected electric scooters inspired by California surf-moto culture and the urban lifestyle.


The Brave One scooter is just the beginning. Brave Motors is creating a whole line of two wheeled vehicles around proprietary technology specifically designed around the needs of the urban customer. Rather than using off the shelf and modified components to create their products, Brave Motors designs almost everything from scratch in order to truly perform. Over 15 different frame geometries for the Brave One were tested for dynamic stability, durability and fun-factor. A proprietary motor and control system were developed in order to allow for custom power settings and they even designed and manufactured their own tire in order to offer the most potent vehicle in a simple and compact package.


Brave Motors aims to be not only functionally relevant, but culturally relevant as well – by building out an entire branding concept revolving around the customer lifestyle rather than the technology driving the products.

Jason Wilbur: we designed this bad-boy from the ground up – with the most dynamic performance and potent character in a compact, simple package.

Brave Motors was founded by Jason Wilbur, an award-winning transportation and product designer and Jeff Stephenson, a pioneering mechanical engineer. The two met over 10 years ago when they invented the Tread 1 watch, later sold by Devon. The Tread 1 watch won several awards and disrupted the high-end watch industry. The pair aim to make the same impact in the mobility world with the launch of Brave Motors.

We don’t mind wearing our hearts on our sleeve, so we are cooking up some Brave gear inspired by our journey. Check the samples and sign-up for launch updates to get yours.

Brave Motors is currently seeking investment to launch the Brave One.

Sign up for updates at and contact CEO Jason Wilbur directly for investment / partnership opportunities:

Guy Salens

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