These guys from Blacksmith Electric (India) continue to surprise us. First they launched a cruiser prototype that was updated very quickly with a new design (B2 model, an electric cruiser) after our first article. Now we got a message that they have a new B3 model. “Another update?” I asked. “No, something completely new!” said Ar Karthigeyan, Managing Director from Blacksmith Electric.

Blacksmith electric model B3 | Electric Motorcycles News
Teaser image side view B3 model

“We are on the eve of the breakthrough of electric driving in India. Our team has a mission to create a world without pollution, no oil, no disturbing sounds and carbon emission free. Our B2 model was our first step into this world but with this electric scooter model we can reach every Indian family.” Ar continues …

It seems that Blacksmith Electric reinvented the electric scooter concept: it’s not a Vespa clone like we have seen so many times in the Asian world (sorry, no offence!). But a very “less is more” stylish electric and practical working vehicle intended for the family. In fact, actually something that I would like to drive to work every day. Or doing a little fun ride with my grandchild. The scooter seems to have special kids footpegs.

Blacksmith electric model B3 | Electric Motorcycles News
Teaser image top view B3 model

Its design is a bit stubborn with an own identity. Very recognizable, without a doubt. But at least you can say that the vehicle has character. And power! It has a customizable speed limit from 60 / 80 / 100 / 120 km/h.

EMN: I should like to add a few new colours to customise the scooter. I can imagine that not everybody is a fan from the sci-fi-Darth-Vader look. Just a thought.

Some specifications:

  • Motor / Rated power : AC Motor / 5 KW
  • Battery : High Energy Density NMC battery pack with Intelligent Bluetooth BMS
  • Range : 120 km
  • Peak torque / Peak power : 96 Nm / 14.5 KW
  • Charge time : 4 hrs
  • Dimensions : 1945(L) X 720(W) X 1150(H)
  • Loading capacity : 200 Kgs
  • Smart apps : GPS & Artificial Intelligence System
Blacksmith electric model B3 | Electric Motorcycles News
Blacksmith electric model B3 | Electric Motorcycles News

Blacksmith Electric is the only company in India to own the patent for the battery swap exchange technology (Indian Patent Number – 262461). Swappable batteries are a good solution for commuters. In a few minutes you can change the battery, you are back on the road, fully charged and heading to your next destination.

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