In the past 15 years, Blacksmith Electric has build several prototypes and tested them so that the final product(s) for the customer will be completely safe, comfortable and performant.

Today, Blacksmith Electric is ready to produce 3 different models:

  • B1 = electric cruiser with adjusted dimensions for the European market
  • B2 = electric cruiser for the Asian and Indian market
  • B3 = powerful electric scooter for global market
Blacksmith Electric | Electric Motorcycles News
B1 | B2 electric cruiser model
Blacksmith Electric | Electric Motorcycles News
B3 electric scooter

Ar Karthigeyan, Managing Director, Blacksmith Electric: “Besides that, we are the only company in India that owns the patent for the battery exchange technology. Therefore, we have created a specific E-station that easily could be integrated in existing, traditional gas stations or pop-ups in the streets. Swappable batteries are a good solution for commuters. In a few minutes you can change the battery, you are back on the road, fully charged and heading to your next destination.”

Blacksmith Electric | Electric Motorcycles News

Ready for the future. Ready for Europe.

Blacksmith Electric has also developed a dealership store concept to promote electric motorcycles and scooters. “With all these initiatives, we are ready for 2020”, says Ar Karthigeyan. “We want to share our knowledge with European business partners to set up an European production plant for the B1 and B3 model.”

Blacksmith Electric | Electric Motorcycles News
Dealership store concept

“Things are going fast now … Guy Salens from Electric Motorcycles News (EMN) was one of the first news media who believed in us and told our story to the world. Many other media companies followed and we got a quick breakthrough in our own country. That’s why we asked Guy to explore the European possibilities for the future. In the meantime we want to concentrate on the Asian and Indian market.” says Ar.

Guy Salens (EMN): “Blacksmith Electric reaches out for the European market and I am honoured to participate in this project and to look for potential investors. Today my network is very extensive and I hope that I can get some interested parties together to turn Blacksmith Electric into a success story. It’s not going to be easy: we are still in a pioneering period and the public still has many questions concerning about the sources of energy supply, what kind of driving licences, subsidy possibilities, charging points, range, etc.”

If you are an entrepreneur, investor or start up (in Europe) who wants to join the “electric revolution” please get in touch with Ar Karthigeyan, Managing Director of Blacksmith Electric to discuss the possibilities of a joint venture. Thinking out-of-the-box is permitted. The world is changing …

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