Source: website | blog | press release Bio-Hybrid | Livable cities require new forms of transportation. The Bio‑Hybrid is fun, trendy, eco-friendly, healthy and supports an urban lifestyle. New forms of available mobility will change the infrastructure in our cities. The Bio‑Hybrid closes the gap between bicycles and cars. As cities keep growing, so will the transportation of goods. With the Bio‑Hybrid the movement of goods will be emission-free.

Two versions: Cargo and Passenger

Bio-Hybrid | Electric Motorcycles News

The Cargo and Passenger versions share the same modular platform delivering high levels of comfort and maximum safety standards. Due to its four wheels, the concept offers exceptional driving stability. As a result of having a roof and a windshield, the vehicle can be used in any type of weather and thus in all seasons. It is hardly wider than a normal bicycle and can be operated on bicycle paths as well with zero emissions. In addition, the Bio‑Hybrid only requires a third of the parking space of a small car and can be operated in most countries without a license and vehicle registration. The electric traction motor assists the operator – as in the case of a pedelec – up to a speed of 25 km/h. ( 250–750 watts rated output power (depending on national laws and regulations).

Bio-Hybrid | Electric Motorcycles News

The Passenger version offers a new form of personal and design-oriented urban mobility. It comfortably seats two people behind one another. The Cargo version provides a variable solution for zero-emissions hauling of goods. The vehicle to be showcased in Las Vegas is a kind of “pick-up.” The modular body makes the Bio‑Hybrid a veritable quick-change artist: refrigeration vehicle, coffee shop or locked stowage compartment – anything is possible. In terms of cargo volume and payload, the Cargo version is perfectly prepared to handle hauling requirements in urban areas and provides an alternative within the future mobility mix.

Bio‑Hybrid wins Red Dot Award

Bio-Hybrid | Electric Motorcycles News

Source: blog Bio-Hybrid | The award competition organized by the Red Dot Design Museum in Singapore exclusively looks for well-designed inventions, novel concepts and products ready for use that are not available on the market every year. The judging team only considers designs that clearly distinguish themselves from comparable creations due to their outstanding styling.

Bio-Hybrid | Electric Motorcycles News

Of the more than 4,200 entries from 48 countries only some 250 concepts were selected for an award. This equates to merely some 6 percent of the entries: a select group that emphasizes the value of the award once more.

Bio-Hybrid: “Big praise for our design team that did a fabulous job: many thanks to them and also to the large number of expert judges that – we daresay with a smile – lifted us upon this design throne.“

Bio-Hybrid | Electric Motorcycles News

We’re delighted about this recognition because we view it as both approval and motivation. Our aspirations for our product are high. Design, for us, is more than the sheer look of the vehicle. We strive to achieve the perfect symbiosis of functionality, technology, driving pleasure and the purely visual. To combine and offer all this for a new form of personal and design-focused means of transportation in urban environments is a great challenge.

Bio-Hybrid | Electric Motorcycles News

We’ve extensively experimented with the look of our Bio‑Hybrid and have come a long way ever since the first pilot vehicle in 2016 that was preceded by numerous scribbles, drafts and proposals and the current version with a nearly production-ready design.

Our goal is to create a contemporary means of transportation for urban and eco-friendly mobility where every single detail fits its idea to a T. In the Bio‑Hybrid, form, function, high tech and the sheer pleasure of zero-emissions driving will come together in a package that’s successful in every respect.

At the end of September, we’ll travel to Singapore for the official awards ceremony.

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