No other vehicle category has seen a boom like the e-bike has in recent years. Now a new vehicle concept, the Bio‑Hybrid DUO, is elevating the idea of the electrically assisted bike to a new level. The Pioneer Edition of the four-wheeled pedelec with a roof and two seats can now be ordered online at

Bio-Hybrid - THE PACK - Electric Motorcycles News
The Pioneer Edition of the Bio‑Hybrid DUO can now be ordered online at

500 EURO to be saved on orders placed by March 31, 2021

Customers opting for the limited Pioneer Edition, which is available in the initial ordering stage, will save while receiving the full Bio‑Hybrid premium driving experience. The pedelec comes with a portable battery and a charger and is packed with features like an LED lighting system, turn signals, full suspension, hydraulic disc brakes, a panoramic roof, a 5-inch multi-touch display, 4G and GPS integration, a USB charge port, navigation with topology-based range projection, and more. Deliveries will begin in August 2021 on a first come, first served basis. A down payment of 490 euros secures a Bio‑Hybrid selling for 9,490 euros (incl. VAT) and makes its buyer a pioneer of an all-new type of personal mobility, so being an early bird pays off.

Clean, silent and safe: the compact E-bike with a roof and four wheels

The pedelec developed by Bio‑Hybrid GmbH, a Nuremberg-based mobility startup, featuring four full-suspension wheels, two comfortable seats, a large windshield with a wiper, plus a roof is as comfortable as a small car, but as agile and sustainability-focused as a classic e-bike. And of course, like the latter, it can be operated without a driver’s license and travel on the same bike paths.

Bio-Hybrid - THE PACK - Electric Motorcycles News
The Bio‑Hybrid DUO is a canopied pedelec and may be operated without a driver’s license both on bike paths and on streets or roads.

“The time has come for a new form of sustainable mobility. There’s hardly a faster, nimbler and more stylish way to get from A to B than on board of our Bio‑Hybrid. Driving and riding a DUO should simply be fun, whether you’re younger or older, use it in the city or out in the country, on your way to work, for shopping or for getting together with friends,” says Gerald Vollnhals, Managing Director of Bio‑Hybrid GmbH.

Bio-Hybrid - THE PACK - Electric Motorcycles News
Personal transportation for two occupants – the Bio‑Hybrid DUO is a pedelec with four wheels.

“The whole team has been working toward this day for a long time. I’m especially happy for our Bio‑Hybrid community that has been loyal to us for years,” stresses Patrick Seidel, who is responsible for strategy and business development. The company has developed the high-tech pedelec from scratch with ample engineering know-how. Designed and engineered in Germany, the Bio‑Hybrid is meant to satisfy exacting quality demands and convince consumers of its advantages as a personal, space-saving mobility alternative loaded with smart features.

Bio-Hybrid - THE PACK - Electric Motorcycles News
The Bio‑Hybrid DUO provides a means of sharing sustainable mobility up until old age

Gets business rolling: Bio-Hybrid in diverse cargo versions

In addition to the DUO Passenger version, the Bio‑Hybrid will be available in diverse Cargo versions. Courier or parcel delivery services, catering, retail or maintenance and repair businesses have the choice between an open cargo bed or a closed cargo box, depending on the intended purpose. Either way, the Bio‑Hybrid offers ample space for hauling goods or materials, is easy to load and unload, eliminates parking problems and is a green recommendation on wheels. Customers interested in buying Cargo versions can now put their names down as well and find all relevant details at

About Bio‑Hybrid GmbH

Bio‑Hybrid GmbH is a German tech startup that rethinks and sustainably shapes the future of mobility. For less smog, more smartness and more quality of life. With a team of some 30 members at its Nuremberg and Munich locations, the company is preparing for the production launch of the canopied Bio‑Hybrid pedelec scheduled for mid-2021. In its DUO, Cargo BOX and Cargo PICK-UP up versions, the new mobility concept closes the gap between bicycles and cars. The Bio‑Hybrid idea was presented by Schaeffler in 2016 as a vision for personal mobility in urban areas. In November 2017, the automotive and industrial supplier established Schaeffler Bio‑Hybrid GmbH in order to develop the Bio‑Hybrid to production level. Following its sale, the company has been operating under the umbrella of meisterwerk ventures GmbH outside of the Schaeffler Group since October 2020.

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