Source: news BICAR | On the BICAR Driving Days in May 2019, more than 40 people got behind the BICAR steering wheel and were personally convinced of the agility and driving comfort of the city car.

Bi Car days May 2019 | Electric Motorcycles News
Bi Car days May 2019 | Electric Motorcycles News

The video below shows a selection of the most impressive moments:

BICAR is the solution for individual urban mobility:

  • Attractive 24/7 use thanks to perfect rain and weather protection, despite the open construction method
  • Safety in city traffic thanks to safety belt and stability on 3 wheels, no helmet required!
  • Transport possibility for shopping and luggage
  • CO2-free and sustainable on the road, and thus also approved in all cities in low-emission zones
  • Fast in urban traffic at 45 km/h
  • Parking is possible everywhere and free of charge: BICAR has the same rights as a moped and does not have to be parked in a car park.
Bi Car days May 2019 | Electric Motorcycles News
Safe driving in rainy conditions
Bi Car days May 2019 | Electric Motorcycles News

BICAR is THE solution for the last mile – a future, individual and absolutely sustainable mobility on short and medium distances, without compromising comfort and safety. We are ready for the last mile until the start of production. Join us, we look forward to seeing you.

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