Belgian startup Magnax is currently working on a new generation of electric motors which are based on the yokeless axial flux topology. Unlike traditional electric motors, which are based on the radial flux topology, axial flux motors have an inherently higher power- and torque density. This is because Magnax axial flux motors make a better use of the electromagnetic flux while 100% of the windings are active. (unlike radial flux motors, were as much as 50% of the windings are not active due to coil overhang).

Electric Motorcycles News - Magnax

Another reason why the power density is extremely high is the effective cooling concept of the Magnax axial flux machines. For traditional (radial) electric motors, the heat has to be transported through the stator to the outside of the motor. In case of Magnax axial flux machines, the cooling is optimal because the windings are directly in contact with the exterior aluminium outside casing.

The result are high-speed motors with power densities up to 15 kW/kg and torque densities up to 35 Nm / kg. It is expected that the 185 mm diameter version will deliver a peak power of 84 kW at 8000 rpm and a peak torque of 100 Nm for a weight of only 7 kg.

Magnax will deliver the first prototypes in Q4 of 2018. These prototypes, with a diameter of 275 mm, will deliver 300-kW (408 pk) for a weight of only 22,5 kg. Companies innovating in motorcycles, electric vehicles or electric aircraft can contact Magnax for joint development projects.

Electric Motorcycles News - Magnax

About Magnax

Magnax is a collaborative, well-funded team working on cleantech innovations with next-generation electric motor and generator technology. This is our way of contributing to a sound environment for our children. Magnax enables industrial innovation with axial flux motor- and generator technology that outperforms in efficiency, weight, reliability, and cost- effectiveness. Magnax supports the global transition to fully renewable power generation, electric transportation and ultra-efficient machines by innovating in next-generation electric motor and generator technology.


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