Be-e is a concept of Dimitri Bez, a multi-talented industrial designer who’s work is inspired by ‘the less is more principle’. Be-e is an electric motorcycle designed in round forms to cover the batteries and the engine. The large volume body is very useful to hold all the internal system, the upper tank is used to hold a giant radiator including copper mesh that disperses heat from battery and engine. It eliminates conventional radiator to gain lightweight and energy efficient vehicle.

Based on its name and appearance, we’re pretty sure you can guess that this concept motorbike is a tribute to bees, an amazing colony bee can create super-organized structured which is reflected in the copper mesh radiator design.

Be-e Mad

Be-e Mad takes the views of the Be-e electric, but plunges the dark side … and Electric Motorcycles News is a fan of these bad boy, always more interesting than the average. Indeed it is a thermal engine that is sheltered under the carbon shell, and fed by 4 air inlets that seem to be pointed towards the road such as guns.

Dimitri Bez

After his professional debut at the Studio of Sacha Lakic (Luxembourg), Dimitri Bez started his company in Besançon, working on a wide range of projects, from transport to furniture, from open source to single pieces. His work is inspired by simplicity and balance of forms, which has an influence in different areas: optimizing the manufacturing process, synthesizing the interaction between the object and the consumer
and creating a “less is more” minimal view.

“The word design is, for me, synonymous with evidence”

To do this, it is important to anticipate the mutations of contemporaries, to adapt the use and social contexts. These changes are real sources of inspiration that constantly challenge each new object. Computer tools open up a large field of formal and technical possibilities, which is why they hold an important place in the process of its projects. However, drawing remains the essential and inseparable element of inspiration. Even if projects are streamlined and balanced, they are not meaningless. The shapes, the materials or the manufacturing processes tell a story specific to each product.

Source, pictures & more info: Dimitri Bez

Guy Salens

Guy Salens (motorcycle enthousiast): I want to show the world an overview of existing electric motorcycles and future projects. Because it's time.