Source: press release Askoll | Since their launch in 2015, Askoll electric scooters have cemented their position as undisputed market leaders and claim the number one sales spot in Italy every year. The Vicenza-based company is preparing to usher in a new era as it uses Eicma to offer a preview of its new generation of scooters featuring innovative stylistic content, capable of winning over a public that demands even more in terms of design while on the lookout for a traditional aesthetic.

Askoll Eicma 2019 | Electric Motorcycles News

In partnership with Italdesign, Askoll has developed new electric scooters with redesigned and original lines that perfectly express Askoll’s vision for the future when it comes to electric mobility, while remaining true to the values and the soul of the brand.

Designed with the aim of making it easier to navigate urban areas while optimising resources and performance levels, the DIXY range consists of two lightweight and easy-to-handle scooters with a comfortable two-seater saddle for the perfect occupancy experience. The DIXY scooters are large, with a more protective shield, and offer even better safety while driving. This was not simply an aesthetic choice, but also a functional one, to guarantee the highest performance levels.

Askoll Eicma 2019 | Electric Motorcycles News

DIXY1, the entry-level model in the range, has a maximum power of 1.5 kW and a torque of 130 Nm, can reach 45 km/h and has a maximum range of 45 km, in accordance with EC reg. 168/2013. Its high efficiency Askoll brushless motor is powered as standard by a lithium ion battery pack with a total maximum capacity of 1,045 Wh and weighing 7.6 kg. The braking system consists of a 190 mm disc brake at the front and a 140 mm drum at the rear. The new DIXY1 is available in three colour variants: pastel white, anthracite and red.

DIXY2 has a maximum power of 2.2 kW and a torque of 130 Nm, can also reach 45 km/h and has a maximum range of 71 km, in accordance with EC reg. 168/2013. Its high-efficiency Askoll brushless motor is powered as standard by two lithium ion battery packs with a total combined capacity of 2,090 Wh and weighing 7.6 kg each. Braking is assured with disc brakes with a 190 mm diameter at the front and rear.

Askoll Eicma 2019 | Electric Motorcycles News

DIXY2 features a digital display with a Bluetooth connectivity and communication module for connection to the new Askoll Smart Drive App, which is already available to download from Google play and the App Store. Equipped as standard with a storage compartment, it is available in white, anthracite, silver, red and dark green colour variants.

The suspension – telescopic hydraulic at the front and single-shock at the rear – and the large wheels (80/80-16’’ at the front and 90/80-16’’ at the rear) are central features of both versions, as are the dualcompound tyres, which are softer at the edges and hard-wearing in the centre.

As with all Askoll electric scooters, the new DIXY models also have removable batteries and can be charged easily using any electrical socket or via the scooter itself, by connecting them to the corresponding battery charger. It takes approximately 3 hours per 1 kWh to achieve a full charge from 0% to 100%.

The DIXY range will be released for sale in the second quarter of 2020, with a launch price starting from €1,990.

Smart mobility for the professional world

Askoll EVA offers an entire range of electric vehicles dedicated to businesses, with the possibility of customizing all the standard versions.

Askoll Eicma 2019 | Electric Motorcycles News
Askoll Eicma 2019 | Electric Motorcycles News

The Askoll eSpro range is made up of eSpro 45 and eSpro 70, mopeds dedicated to companies that need to travel on two-wheels; eSproK1, and eSproK2, cargo mopeds developed for all delivery services. eSpro 45, eSpro K1 and eSpro K2 are equipped with a 2,2 kW motor, they reach a maximum speed of 45 km/h, and have a range of approximately 71km* for the former, and about 98 km* for the latter two. eSpro 70 is equipped with a 2,7 kW motor, reaches a maximum speed of 66 km/h and has a range up to 96km* (* according to 168/2013 CE).

E-Kick scooter

Introduced at Eicma 2019, the Askoll kick scooter is developed and produced exclusively for the sharing mobility and for taking on rough and tumble streets. Easy to ride, robust and stable is equipped with three big wheels, for smoother rides. Its powerful front engine is powered by a lithium-ion battery, with a capacity of 400 Wh, a weight of 2,6 kg, and a range of around 35km. Currently, it can reach a maximum speed of 25 km/h.

Askoll Eicma 2019 | Electric Motorcycles News

Thanks to its shock-absorbing system and its three 20” wheels, it guarantees smoother rides, even on rough and tumbles streets.

New colour range for the e-moped, now smarter and always connected

On the market since summer 2019, for eS3 EVOlution, it’s already time for a restyling. During Eicma, Askoll showcases the new colours of its latest e-moped. In addition to GreyEVO (enriched by fluo details and black saddle, fork and wheel rims), from next season eS3 EVOlution is available in electric blue, metallic red (both with silver saddle, fork and wheel rims), and in titanium grey (equipped with black saddle, fork and wheel rims).

Askoll Eicma 2019 | Electric Motorcycles News

The full digital display with connectivity system, Bluetooth and dedicated App make travelling a much more immersive experience. An engaging interface and ease-to-use characterize Askoll Smart Drive, the new App available for Android and iOs, that follows your trips on the saddle of eS3 EVOlution.

Thanks to Askoll Smart Drive, and its captivating interface, you can monitor your vehicle’s performances. From kilometres travelled to remaining battery levels; from estimate range for each travel mode to your savings, both economic and CO2-wise, through all service notices, and, discover the closest service centres.

eS3 EVOlution reaches 66 km/h and has a range up to 96 km (according to 168/2013 CE). The electric brushless Askoll motor of highly energy-efficiency – with magnets of rare earth elements – is powered by two lithium-ion battery packs with a total capacity of 2800 Wh and 8,1 kg of weight for each battery pack.

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