Life’s better with a companion … and so is zipping about town, better still when you can rely on an electric scooter, sharing the benefits of sustainable urban mobility. And it’s precisely in pursuit of its goal to significantly help improve quality of life by producing innovative, environmentally-friendly vehicles that deliver great energy savings, optimal performance and an excellent safety profile, that Askoll presents its brand new eS2 electric scooter designed for driver and pillion passenger.

A development on the previous single-seater model – which took the Green Prix 2016 product of the year award in the electric scooter category – the eS2 model by Askoll features an extended two-seater saddle and increased power for enhanced acceleration, making the scooter quick off the mark even with two people on board and on uphill stretches.

Essential design and ergonomic lines characterise this high-performance scooter, which features LED lighting, a handy battery compartment and a durable but lightweight chassis. Looking at specifics, the eS2 is fitted with an Askoll brushless electric motor which delivers superb energy efficiency, with power of 2.7 kW and torque of 130 Nm. It is powered by two Panasonic lithium-ion battery packs with a combined capacity of 2.1 kWh, weighing 7.6 kg. The scooter can adapt flexibly to any type of route, thanks to a choice of three different travel modes: Eco, for minimum battery consumption; Normal, for everyday urban trips; Power, ideal for particularly hilly cities.

In addition, the hydraulic telescopic front suspension and mono-shock rear suspension, coupled with large tyres (80/80 16 front and 90/80 16 rear), make it perfect for zipping nimbly about town, with super-silent running and no worries about parking. Calculating an average of 20 km per day, with Askoll eS2 you’ll be able to get around for less than 20 euro per year. Value for money that is further enhanced by the virtually negligible maintenance costs.

Consideration for the environment is an essential element of Askoll’s business, and the company’s electric motor cuts carbon dioxide emissions by 90%: the Askoll scooter indirectly produces (i.e. in the electricity generation from non-renewable sources) just 7 g/km of CO2 compared to the 70 g/km of CO2 produced by a 50 cc motorcycle with an internal combustion engine and the 100 g/km of a supermini car.

The Askoll battery is produced in Italy with Panasonic components, weighs about 8 kilos (less than a pack of water!) and charges to 100% in about three hours, costing you about 30 cents. With these latest generation batteries there is no memory effect so you don’t have to wait until they’re fully charged before unplugging them. You can also remove them from the battery compartment under the seat for charging or connect them directly from the scooter.

Source: Askoll
Pictures close ups: thx to Ecomobiel, Antwerp

Guy Salens

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