Like all Askoll vehicles, the eS3-model was designed 100% electric. This means that it isn’t an adaptation of an already-existing endothermic vehicle, as it’s often the case on this market. Even it’s most sophisticated components (battery, electronic control unit, motor) are developed in-house. All the automated machinery needed to produce and test the vehicles is designed and manufactured at Askoll’s factory.

The new eS3 electric scooter is ecologically at it’s best. It does not emit CO2, does not release smells or produce troublesome noises. It reaches a top speed of 70 km/h and is the ideal travel companion for all types of route. Its autonomy can exceed 96 km (According to regulation 168/2013 CE).

Electric Motorcycles News - Askoll

Electric Motorcycles News - Askoll

A simple battery, intelligent and with a taste for saving.

You can charge the 2 Lithium-ion batteries of the eS3 from any power socket. It’s easy: recharge them directly on the scooter, or take them out of the compartment under the saddle (they weigh about 7.5 kg each, less than a crate of water) and connect them to the battery charger. To recharge from 0 to 100% you will spend about 45 cents (calculated on the average cost of overnight recharging). Consider that to go from a charge of 0% to 100%, the battery takes about 3.5 hours per kWh. But things are even simpler: it is not necessary to wait for the batteries to be completely run down before attaching them to the power supply, nor for them to be completely charged before detaching them. Remember that you can charge them even every day, without any reduction in performance.

Electric Motorcycles News - Askoll Electric Motorcycles News - Askoll

Designed and made in Italy to take you everywhere.

The eS3 has large wheels with dual blend tyres, soft at the sides, more rigid in the centre. We chose them to ensure greater stability, bend after bend. Brushless motor with high energy efficiency: this means that the absence of brushes eliminates the main source of noise. Another interesting aspect? It is completely designed and made in Italy. Then there is the fine technology: the on-board computer that constantly shows the level of the battery charge, the speed and the distance travelled. You can understand everything at a glance.

Electric Motorcycles News - Askoll

Lighting, brakes and a sense of space: let’s look at the details that count.

The eS3 has a full LED lighting system that always ensures excellent road visibility. The CBS braking system guarantees maximum safety, in any condition of use. The telescopic hydraulic suspensions at the front and single shock-absorber at the rear, as well as the large tyres (80/80 16 at the front and 90/80 16 at the rear), allow it to adapt to any road surface. Another detail that should not be underestimated: the front storage compartment is a standard feature. Very convenient and useful, it has a 12V socket for charging your cell phone.

Electric Motorcycles News - Askoll

About Askoll

High energy efficiency, very low consumption and saving of raw materials have been the distinguishing features of Askoll electric motors since 1978. The firm boasts more than 800 registered patents regarding this component and its applications. In 2015, after exactly three years of research carried out with the contribution of a pool of technicians, some of whom from the leading Italian cycle, automobile and motorcycle manufacturers, the Group decided to use its expertise to take on a new challenge: to enter the sector of sustainable mobility, presenting a range of electric vehicles on the market.  Askoll products are currently in the lead for sales in Italy, in their respective categories (50cc electric scooters and city bikes with motor-assisted pedalling. The eS1 scooter was awarded the Green Prix 2015 in the “No Smog Mobility” project as product of the year (based on sales data certified by ANCMA, the trade association for the world of cycles and motorcycles. Now Askoll is ready for a new challenge: to make an electric city car.

Source: Askoll website

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