ECCITY Motocycles was created in 2011 and is settled in Grasse in Southeastern France. Eccity designs, manufactures and sells 100 % electric scooters in categories L1e & L3e. With a quality made in France, the Company intends to promote vibrant and easy-to-use vehicles, along with comfort, silence and zero emission characteristics. Its proximity service is handled by a dense network of service centers. Eccity, it is a group of passionate men & women, dedicated to their customers belonging to a community: the Eccity Club.

Artelec electric scooters are provided with the latest electric technologies and excellent cycle parts made by a European manufacturer. The ECCITY Motocycles team cumulates six years of experience in commercialising electric scooters to individuals, companies and local authorities. Eccity sold more than three hundred electrical vehicles that way and more than one million kilometers have been driven. ECCITY Motocycles establishes itself as a real leader of electric mobility in France.

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Artelec 670

The Artelec 670 is perfectly adapted for the city, easy-to-use and comfortable. It will follow you everywhere you drive in the city and it is as silent as beautiful.

The Artelec scooter is leading the way thanks to its innovative dashboard, its natural elegance, its flat floor, its discrete shapes and its front wheel made in polished aluminium.
The Artelec 670 is equivalent to a 125cc scooter but offers better road performances. With a 6000W electric motor, 10 000W peak, its range reaches 46 miles (75 km) on highway and 75 miles (120 km) in the city, depending on the usage.

Unique, modern and elegant
The electric scooter Artelec 670 by ECCITY Motocycles is one of the very rare 100% electric vehicle in the world to offer similar performances (range, speed) to the 125cc petrol-powered equivalent. And its price remains attractive.
The Artelec 670 is a quality scooter, it has a very beautiful plastic finish, a digital dashboard and is very pleasant to drive. It has a unique design with its original curves, its integrated indicators and its retractable footsteps. It looks as elegant as an Italian scooter thanks to its flat floor but it looks also modern with its unique front.

Comfortable and easy to handle
Its 13 inches wheels make it easy to handle and comfortable even at a high speed. Its dimensions, its low weight, its narrow handlebar and wing mirrors allow the driver to weave easily out of traffic jams. The Artelec 670 is equipped with a rear gear which makes it even more manageable.

Motor 6.000W, 10.000W peak (125 cc equivalent)
The Artelec 670 motor reaches 6 000W when its runs normal and a 10 000W peak when it starts. This motor enables a maximum speed of 62mph (100km/h) and very strong linear accelerations.
The Artelec 670 is easy to use on city roads and on highways.

BMS System
The Eccity scooters feature a BMS (Battery Management System) designed by French experts that ensures the safety and balancing of each cell of the power pack and so its longevity.
The BMS is connected to the dashboard which displays precisely the remaining range and a LED that indicates that the battery is working properly.
This BMS energizes the power pack and starts the scooter : the battery voltage is 0V when the scooter is off. The battery is energized only if the key is on. The scooter is really designed to be safe to use and to maintain. A professional can safely change the tyres or the break pads when the motor is off and when the charger is unplugged (voltage = 0V).

On-board Charger
The Artelec 670 features a waterproof charger. The battery requires 9 hours to be charged 90% again in any standard 220V outlet. You can charge your scooter safely in your garage or on public charging spots without risking theft or disconnection of your charger. Optional external chargers are available to divide charging times by three.


  • Motor: 6000W, 10000W peak (equivalent 125cc)
  • Max speed: 100 km/H
  • Autonomy: 75-120 km
  • Battery: Lithium-ìon 66,6 V, 72 Ah
  • Battery Management System (BMS): Balancing protection and cells charging and discharging
  • Lifetime: 50 000 Km +
  • Charger: 72 V – 6,5 A with internal charger, 20 A with external charger
  • Battery charging time: 3 to 9 hours depending of the charger used
  • Consumption: 5 kWh for 100 km
  • Front brake: Disc 220 mm
  • Rear brake: Disc 220 mm
  • Tires: 130/60-13
  • Weigth: 140 Kg
  • Dimensions: 200 x 72 x 123 cm
  • Type approval: 2 persons
  • Colors: white, black and grey

Emeraude Series

  • The “Emeraude” Series is a limited serie of 20 scooters carefully designed to combine elegance and comfort, available in motorization 470, 670 and 870.
  • Its Bultex saddle in crocodile and nubuck, entirely realized by hand by a specialized saddler-maker in Nice (NMB Design), offers an exceptional seating, as much for the driver as for his passenger.
  • The topcase, matched to the body, is equipped with a backrest, a guarantee of safety for the passenger, which recalls the comfort seat. Its adjustable shock absorbers also give it a feeling of real comfort on the road. Daily journeys become moments of pure happiness, and always in silence.
  • The built-in Smartphone support keeps you connected, and is guided by a GPS while driving. The hook to hang a bag is an indispensable accessory.
  • The standard reverse gears further enhance the maneuverability of the scooter. It’s a handy tool in situations of difficult maneuvers (exit from parking on a slope or very narrow …). The flat floor allows to stabilize its sitting position and to join its feet, a quality appreciated especially by the women dressed in a skirt and/or heels.

Artelec PRO

ECCITY Motocycles equips its electric scooters also with specific equipment for different professional occupations such as technical services, electricians, couriers, architects but also municipal police and local authorities.

Several engines are proposed in categories 50 and 125 in order to cover all requests:

– Artelec 470: with a great autonomy of 110 km and max speed of 45 km/h.
– Artelec 670: the versatile solution for all roads
– Artelec 870: suitable for motorways and expressways with a max speed of 120 km/h

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