Albert Bosch and Manu Bustelo have a long track record that let them to cross desserts, jungles, oceans and climb the highest mountains of the planet. Their numerous adventures foster a deeper understanding of our planet. Both have developed a genuine commitment to sustainability, based on promoting our ecosystems protection living in harmony with it.

They met while studying a postgraduate course in “Sustainable Development” by the University of Columbia. They decided to unite their capacities to promote adventure projects committed to these values. The “Andalucía EVENTURE” will complete a full tour to the Andalusian community using two 100% electric bikes manufactured in Spain by VOLTA.


Albert Bosch

  • Crossed Antarctica unassisted from the sea to the South Pole
  • Completed project “Seven Summits”: Climbing the highest peak in each continent – Finishing with Mt Everest (2010)
  • Nine times at Dakar Rally – First pilot to ride a 100% Electric Car (2015)
  • Ultra marathon runner
  • Sportsman featured in adventure documentaries
  • Book Writer – Blogger – Professional Speaker
  • TEDx & Sustainable Brands Speaker
  • Entrepreneur with MBA in E.S.A.D.E (Spain)

Manu Bustelo

  • 20 years of experience in mountaineering, summiting Aconcagua, Mt Blanc, Matterhorn and other mountains.
  • First man to ride downhill a mountain bike from 6800m
  • Endurance mountain bike race rider
  • Pro scuba diver with over 400 dives in all world oceans
  • Sportsman featured in mountain bike & scuba documentaries
  • Seminar speaker
  • Entrepreneur with MBA in Solvay Business School (Belgium)

Manu Bustelo & Albert Bosch

Andalucia EVenture’s objective is to promote the use of electric vehicles and the link these must have with renewable energy. Sustainable behaviours are fun and can be developed with great pleasure. The planned route will link Andalusia hight capitals, touring the most emblematic and interesting places for its tourism, ecological and sustainable values.

Route – calendar

Sunday, March 12: Sevilla – Huelva
Monday, March 13: Huelva – Cádiz
Tuesday, March 14: Cádiz – Málaga
Wednesday, March 15: Málaga – Lucena
Thursday, March 16: Lucena – Granada
Friday, March 17: Granada – Almería
Saturday, March 18: Almería – Cazorla
Sunday, March 19: Cazorla – Jaén
Monday, March 20: Jaén – Córdoba
Tuesday, March 21: Córdoba – Sevilla

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