(EMN) Adventure seekers can get pretty crazy about setting or breaking world records– whether it’s for running, swimming, or for riding a motorcycle 25,000 km.

When it comes to long distance motorcycling, Ali Abdo is the man to beat. He has already broken world records for distance riding on a motorcycle, and is after another record this October.

Ali Abdo | Egypt | Electric Motorcycles News
Ali Abdo at United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

Abdo’s taking the Energica Eva EsseEsse9 throughout Egypt, covering 25,000 kilometres, 75 cities, and 150 attractions. He’s also developing the Digital Encyclopedia of Egypt while he’s at it.

Abdo isn’t just doing this for fun, he’s doing it for a cause. With support from United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Egyptian Ministries of Youth and Sports, Environment, and Military Production, Abdo’s main goal is to bring awareness to the effects of pollution, and promote the use of electric vehicles throughout Egypt and the Middle East.

Ali Abdo goes for 3rd World Motorcycling Record & raises awareness for the environment

Adbo first jumped on a motorcycle in 2013 and instantly fell in love. He found a personal satisfaction in riding and wanted to explore. This started his incredibly journey around Egypt, which broke records.

Ali Abdo | Egypt | Electric Motorcycles News

Two years after starting to ride, he made a 6 day trip around all of Egypt. In 2016, Ali Abdo formally received the title as the first Arab to win a record for the most distance traveled on a motorcycle within a 7 day period.

Only a year later, in 2017, he managed to break his own record with the most distance traveled in 24 hours, done for the sake of promoting adventures and motorsports.

Ali Abdo | Egypt | Electric Motorcycles News

Now, in 2019 he’s pursuing his 3rd world record, and raising awareness for issues like climate change along the way. He is using the Eva EsseEsse9 from Energica to promote the use of electric vehicles to reduce the areas reliance of traditional fuels which are a detriment to the environment.

Up until now, Abdo found himself staying wherever he could. Sleeping where he found the space, and hopping on his bike the next day to continue the adventure. Now things have changed.

He is going big with this record, and is being followed by a group of photographers and technical support staff to help him along the way. Using some of the best motorcycle cameras like you can find here, Abdo and his team will be documenting his journey.

Ali Abdo | Egypt | Electric Motorcycles News

For this next adventure, Abdo’s starting at the End of October and riding for 100 days, covering 75 cities in Egypt and confronting some subjects head-on: the environment and how humans impact it, as well as the impact climate change can have on people’s everyday life.

The thought process behind this whole adventure is to raise awareness, and ignite a flame among Egyptian people to stop relying on emission-heavy vehicles. By making the switch to electric motorcycles, Egypt can drastically cut down on its yearly emissions, and do their pair contribute to a happy, healthy environment.

With the help of trend setters like Abdo, riding for adventure can also help raise awareness for big issues and promote change.

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