Agile Productontwikkeling is a Dutch company from Eindhoven specialised in product development, engineering, prototyping and production. Their passion for technology drives them to go for the optimal design and that extra important step to make a good design perfect.

The engineers of Agile have also worked at the STORM project of TUE (STORM Eindhoven has developed the world’s first electric touring motorcycle and rode it around the world in 80 days). They became passionate believers of electric driving. Some of them had already some experience with racing on a racetrack. So, Agile Racing was born …

Fast. Green. Electric.

For Agile Racing, their new in-house project, they are developing an electric E-racer motorcycle. They want to show the world that its possible to enjoy your need for speed in an environmentally responsible way. That doesn’t mean you need to compromise. Far from it! Acceleration and power are above and beyond of their petrol fuelled competitors.

Electric Motorcycles News is invited to follow “the making of”. Today we show you some renders, we are at the beginning of this project. The idea is to design and produce this superbike completely from scratch. Their website is now online but you can follow them on Facebook >

Agile Racing on Electric Motorcycles News

This is the heart of the bike and propells it towards the high speeds its capable off. It has 100kW (136bhp) continuous power and can reach up to 230kW (312bhp peak power.

Agile Racing on Electric Motorcycles News

The motor controller converts the DC power from the batteries towards 3-phase AC power which is required for the engine. The higher the power requirements are, the more difficult it becomes to make this reliable and efficient. Together with partners we are developing this controller.

Guy Salens

Guy Salens (motorcycle enthousiast): I want to show the world an overview of existing electric motorcycles and future projects. Because it's time.