THE PACK is still growing and is one of the few online platforms with information about electric motorcycles and scooters. 

Shout-Out(s) at THE PACK

As an ambassador for driving with electric motorcycles and scooters, THE PACK can play a new role in your sales & marketing activities. In fact, we can be a part of your global communication and promotion strategy.

THE PACK is going to work with a subscription system for Shout-Out(s). There are 3 subscription possibilities and every post will be shared at our website and our social media accounts for maximum exposure (Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn). 

You send us your ready-made text and some pictures (and/or link Vimeo/YouTube movies). We’ll publish and share.

You can use Shout-Outs for:

  • launching new models
  • announcing pre-sales orders
  • promoting crowdfunding campaigns
  • presenting online shop(s)
  • promoting dealer days or dealer teams
  • sharing company news
  • looking for investors

Subscription fees*:

  • 1 single Shout Out: € 150,-
  • package of 3 Shout Outs: € 120,-/post
  • package of 5 Shout Outs: € 105,-/post
1 single Shout-Out
€ 150,-
Share your news at THE PACK | € 150,-
A Shout Out is based on your ready-made text and pictures. Use our Upload-button to send your story.
Upload your story
Package of 3 Shout-Outs
€ 360,-
Share your news at THE PACK | € 120,-/article
A Shout Out is based on your ready-made text and pictures. Use our Upload-button to send your story.
Upload your story
Package of 5 Shout-Outs
€ 525,-
Share your news at THE PACK | € 105,-/article
A Shout Out is based on your ready-made text and pictures. Use our Upload-button to send your story.
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Guy Salens: “Our added value is our growing network and its followers. I am convinced that I have created a new online platform for the light electric vehicle market. THE PACK is one of the few global websites with information about electric motorbikes and scooters. I believe that THE PACK is the right channel with your target audience.”

*Shout-Outs are first checked by us on their relevance to the electric motorcycle market. THE PACK always has the right to refuse a Shout-Out.

Sponsored content

You don’t like writing? We’ll do the job for you. At THE PACK, we are going to make things a lot easier and cheaper for your brand to get noticed in the world. From now on we have 1 price for your sponsored content: Launching a new model? Looking for investors? Presenting your store, …? For the amount of € 300, we are going to create, publish and share 1 article at the website THE PACK and its social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Yes indeed, 1 price! It couldn’t be easier … Oh yeah, if you want more articles on the long term, we can talk.

THE PACK’s overview of LEV’s

Did I mention that we add your brand for free at THE PACK’s overview of LEV’s? If we publish at least 1 article of your brand and assuming you are selling real working electric motorcycles or scooters (no renders, no concepts), you’ll be automatically added at THE PACK’s overview.

As an extra option, we can add a sales button for € 150. This is an extra direct link to your online shop or pre-order page (or to a page of your choice).

Advertising on EMN | THE PACK | Electric Motorcycles News

Please contact us if you are interested in any kind of cooperation:

And remember, THE PACK’s overview will never be finished. It will grow into an extensive database in which your brand is an absolute must.

Statistics (situation July, 2020)

  • 20K unique visitors in May 2020 – Google Analytics
  • 26K followers at Instagram
  • 10K followers at Facebook
  • 5K followers at my personal Linkedin

Social media

Advertising on EMN | THE PACK | Electric Motorcycles News

And last but not least, our E-center at the Automotive Campus (The Netherlands) is the ultimate place to display your electric motorcycle, scooter or any other light electric vehicle. There is a permanent showroom and temporarily pop-up displays at events at the reception hall, entrance and patio.

E-center | Electric Motorcycles News
E-center | Electric Motorcycles News
e-center | electric motorcycles news
test Zero SR/F | E-center | Electric Motorcycles News