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Electric Motorcycles News (EMN) is still growing and is one of the few online platforms with information about electric motorcycles and scooters. EMN collects and publishes all kind of info from available sources on the internet: press releases, existing website content from manufacturers , … I am not a journalist looking for scoops or creating unique content but I want to publish a good overview about what’s happening in the electric light vehicle world.

Today, EMN is launching its own advertising system to ensure that all advertisements are related to the motorcycle world:

  • electric motorcycles
  • electric scooters
  • offroad performance e-bikes
  • light electric vehicles
  • battery companies
  • after market components
  • motorcycle clothing, helmets, …
  • business & investment opportunities

All ads are designed in-house. Different ad formats can be combined to have a maximum impact and visibility.
All pictures below are links to the shop.

Advertising possibilities


Dealer ID-label | € 100,-/year

Electric Motorcycles News - dealer page


homepage banner | € 300,-/month

Electric Motorcycles News advertising

homepage header full picture | € 200,-/week

Electric Motorcycles News advertising

Sponsored content 1 article | € 300,-/article

Sponsored content package deal 3 articles

Electric Motorcycles News advertising

Picture post at our Instagram account | € 100,-/post

Instagram | Electric Motorcycles News

Statistics (situation March, 2020)

  • 16000 unique visitors in February 2020 – Google Analytics
  • 23000 followers at Instagram
  • 9000 followers at Facebook
  • 4700 followers at my personal Linkedin

For more specifications and prices check out this page https://electricmotorcycles.news/shop/

What’s sponsored content?

Sponsored content is a piece of brand journalism that fits in the look-and-feel of the editorial content at EMN. Storytelling (everybody uses this buzzword) is what we already do on EMN: we collect the stories of various brands, new manufacturers and initiatives based on press releases and information gathered on the internet.

We offer the possibility for brands and suppliers to publish (paid) additional stories at EMN. These articles have the same design and layout and rotate between the normal news items. There is just one difference: we want to be transparent and these articles have a “sponsored content”-label. We think that’s fair to the users of our website. They still can decide to read it or not.