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This website is a personal initiative from Guy Salens to inform you about electric motorcycles, electric scooters and some pedelecs. Our world is changing very fast and I was curious what kind of bikes are existing today and what the future will bring. There is a whole new market out there … new opportunities for investors, designers & engineers. This website is updated regularly. There is still so much to discover … and if you are a manufacturer and you don’t find your brand here, contact me please!


Best of luck on the new site, and I’ll keep an eye on it…Ted Dillard, Author Power in Flux: The History of Electric Motorcycles
And by the way, cool website! I wish you all the best with this initiative.Bruno Forcella, Founder Sine Cycles
Thank you for the article and your interest in Fenris Motorcycles we appreciate it.Jesper Vind, Founder & CEO Fenris Motorcycles
Electric Motorcycles News is very informative and well designed – it will be the premier “go-to” resource for electric motorcycle news and information.Dave Swock, Business Development Manager, Lightning Motorcycles
Thank you so much Guy!Cecilia Bucci, Press Office & Communication Energica Motor Company
Thanks a lot for having listed us on your website! It’s cool and fresh-looking, great job!Andrea, Armotia Team
Thanks. If you visit Italy, please come to Torino for a ride with us.Pierpaolo Rigo, Co-owner Tacita

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Electric motorcycles custom contest zero in Verona

Thanks for the information and link, we are promoting it on our social media sites. I will keep you posted on future Čezeta developments. Best of luck with the new site, it looks great!Jacy Meyer, Čezeta PR
Very nice! Thanks for this. Best wishes for your website.Premanand Risbud, Finance Head at Tork Motors Pvt Ltd
First of all, I would like to thank you for your initiative. Merci beaucoup!Philippe Aresten, Owner Electric Motion
Merci pour ce bel article. A bientôt.Joël Mathery, Globules Verts
Thank you for sharing our information, we appreciated and please do let us know if you need further details.Nicola Colombo, Co-founder Italian Volt
Thank you very much for your posts. We really appreciate that there are enthusiastic people like you out there, spreading the benefits of electric two-wheeled vehicles. I wish you all the best for your project.Daniele Cesca, PR Manager GOVECS
Thanks so much! Good job! We are waiting the next posts! 😉Gerard Costa, Marketing & Digital Marketing Executive Gas Gas & Torrot
Thank you very much for posting this on your website. The website looks really good, it’s my go-to place for electric motorcycle news!Floris Straver, Team Manager Nova Electric Racing

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